What should you put in DIY beauty products

Moisturizers, cleansing gels, smoothing creams, toners or face masks, beauty products have an important role to play in our beauty routine. Each woman has her darlings, to enhance beauty, from head to toe. To play the card of comfort and well-being, follow the guide!

Purify in depth

The astringent face masks called colloquially cleansing are particularly recommended for combination and oily skin. Under various influences (fatigue, hormones), the natural desquamation of the skin slows down causing a thickening of the layer.

Consequence: microcirculation decreases, the skin tends to suffocate and thus to shine. Simple daily care is no longer sufficient, to absorb sebum secretion and the skin should be cleaned thoroughly. Essentially made of green clay, white or blue, zinc oxide and menthol with recognized soothing, purifying masks allow them to free clogged pores, remove impurities, to provide necessary minerals and trace elements all refining and clarifying the skin texture. With regular use, the complexion gets the shine!

The ideal is to carry out prior to a gentle scrub and then apply the thick layer mask for ten minutes, avoiding eyes and lips.

Relaxing mask!

Purity, soften, comfort, this mask can do everything! Also, it’s ingredients are perfect for normal to oily skin that tends to shine. A clay-based, cleans, absorbs excess secretions, control shine and refines skin texture in just 3 minutes.


This one is great for oily or combination skin, to clean and matte it. This green vegetable paste, enriched with kaolin and exfoliating microbeads, combines an exfoliating and brightening care, 2 in 1 ,to regulate excess sebum in minimum time.

A radiant scalp

First, this is specially adapted to dandruff hair. next, this mask removes residues and cleans the scalp, thanks to an innovative biotechnological active. Its texture in cream unravels smooth without weighing. Hair is visibly lighter and shinier.

Soothe and tone

For those who like to enjoy a moment of relaxation while taking care of their skin, there are also a range of invigorating masks , de-stressing and calming. Furthermore, made mostly from essential oils and plants (rose, iris, chamomile) or thermal water, they can provide a comforting break. Thoroughly dermatologically tested, they decongest, moisturize, and reduce feelings of discomfort, tightness and redness. For a perfectly smooth skin and dynamic, these masks can be used as often as required, in support of milk and a day cream for sensitive skin.

Cosmetics brands also play on the pampering side by proposing formulas in the form of gel-cream texture dense, fine and delicate fragrance that revives the body and mind while giving the impression of a real grant point of care, relaxation and escape home.

Sensitive skins

A real comfort for intolerant skin to skin care products? Cotton mask wants an ally. It provides immediate relief, redness fades and revives the radiance and vitality of the skin. The secret? An ultra soft formula based cream with mint extract and cotton cells to strengthen the skin’s defense mechanism and thus make it more sweet with a uniform appearance. In short, a gentle care to treasure.

Smooth and firm

Other beauty products, such as firming face masks have the particularity to help women over 40 years. With overwork and aging skin, the face loses its firmness and flexibility, revealing the first wrinkles and expression lines. The collagen and elastic fibers synthesize slower. thus, the skin relaxes.

The solution: the application of masks called “lifting”, which allow with use of smoothing the skin and remuscler while optimizing its fatigue strength and its regenerative potential. Usually as a cream gel, lifting the masks contain a cocktail of assets tightening effects, smoothing and energizing (auxin wheat, rice, vitamins B5 and B6) which restore skin elasticity and sculpts the oval face. And an effect “facelift” instant and impeccable make-up on the eve of? An evening, go for a quick beauty layout with “immediate lifting” masks that very thin layer feature and act as an “iron board “in just 3 minutes.

Available in pots or in individual bags sold individually, the reshaping masks remain the flagship product for mature skin.

Nourish and hydrate

So, for a professional care at home, masks are essential to the beauty care of a modern women. Furthermore, choose the mask not only according to your skin type, but to the targeted zone. Each has specific properties.

The moisturizing face masks are the most basic. Suitable for all, it is the most popular dry skin treatment. Also, climate attacks damage the skin, making it rough, dull or even sometimes desquamating. When basic care (lotion and day cream) are not sufficient, more indulge in a more concentrated care. And this is where the moisturizing masks take the stage!

Formulated with powerful assets such as shea oil, wheat germ, hyaluronic acid, vitamins and other minerals, these masks are unique in that deeply nourish the skin and the “plump” for him make all its flexibility. To consume without moderation throughout the year, these nourishing masks remain LE care of extreme urgency of dehydrated skin. In winter, they protect us from the cold and summer, they fight for us against sun damage. They are found both in the face, hands, body and hair. The ideal is to make a two-week or after cleansing shampoos.

Ultra comfortable

Last but not least, this ultra comfortable fabric face mask gives you a smooth and rejuvenated skin. Hence,it has 4 benefits: Action anti-fatigue / decongestant using vegetable extracts (red tea leaf), soothing with anti-inflammatory agents (caffeine) to decrease redness, brilliant action enriched with vitamin C and E and moisturizing. Easy to use, already impregnated mask unfolds and asks about ten minutes on the entire face.

Moisturizers, cleansing gels, smoothing creams, toners or face masks, beauty products have an important role to play in our beauty routine. Each woman has her darlings, to enhance beauty, from head to toe. To play the card of comfort and well-being, follow the guide!

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